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 About Zoë

Zoë Cranfill is earning her Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She has a particular interest in Photo Editing.  While at Ohio University, Zoe works for the student-led newspaper The Post as the Photo Editor,  the National Press Photographers Association President, and Photo Chief at Variant Magazine. 

During the summers, she has spent time in Cimarron, New Mexico, at Philmont Scout Ranch as a photographer and then Marketing and Photography Services Manager. 

She is currently the visuals intern at the Los Angeles Times during the Summer of 2024

In Zoe's spare time, she enjoys road trips, backpacking trips, climbing, kayaking, and listening to folk music, but she mostly likes to capture the world around her on camera. 

Contact Me

(513) 888-3047
Ohio and Beyond

Los Angeles Times

Visuals Intern - 2024

The Post Athens

Visuals Editor - 2023-2024

Staff Photographer- 2022-2023

Contributing Photographer 2021-2022


President- 2023-2024

Secretary- 2022-2023

Variant Magazine

Publication Design Associate- 2023-2024

Ohio Culinary Services

Media Intern-2022-Current

Philmont Scout Ranch

Marketing and Photography Manager - 2023

Photographer- 2022

Thread Magazine
Photographer and Designer- 2021-2022

Student Exhibit

Schoonover Gallery, Athens

February-April 2024


Visual Communication Student Gallery
Schoonover Gallery
, Athens

December - March 2023

Visual Discovery Conference 
Schoonover Gallery, Athens
October - December - 2022

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